jueves, 15 de junio de 2017

MTB Downhill en la copa del mundo 2017 - Bajada ganadora de Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin Three-Peats in Leogang: Winning Run | UCI MTB World Cup 2017
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Publicado el 15 jun. 2017

►Click here to watch the full UCI Leogang highlights: http://win.gs/Leogang2017

Aaron Gwin and Leogang have a fascinating history...full of chainless victories, huge crashes and big upsets. This year, Gwin found good fortune in Leogang yet again by absolutely charging downhill and claiming a hard fought first place. Watch Gwin's winning run and check out Red Bull TV in the link above for the full event highlight!

1 Aaron Gwin 3:06.958
2 Loris Vergier 3:08.393
3 Greg Minnaar 3:09.642
4 Troy Brosnan 3:10.243
5 Bernard Kerr 3:11.311

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