viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Hombres - pájaro entre las nubes

Wingsuit Skydiving | Head in the Clouds | Joe Ridler
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Publicado el 4 may. 2017

As a kid, I heard things like "You won't do anything with your life if you don't get your head out of the clouds" a lot. I may be biased, but so far I think things have worked out in my favor.
The moral of this is to never stop dreaming but, most importantly, never stop chasing after those dreams. I am proof it is possible to make them a reality, and the friends you make along the way will be some of the best you've ever had.
PRODUCER: Joe Ridler
EDIT: Joe Ridler
CAMERA: Alexey Galda, Joe Ridler, BASE Jed, Mentos Barrientos, Anthony Zerbonia, Val Sobol, Michael Tunney, Luke Rogers, Max Lesziak, Travis Mickle, Jim Bilodeau, Todd Davis, Joe Nesbitt, Jay Geldenhuys, Kyle Lobpries, Amanda Kubik, Russel Grothus
MUSIC: “Episode” by Autograf #leaveyourautograf
SOUND: "Wingsuit Everyday" Jim Bilodeau
• The madd scientists at Squirrel, Matt Gerdes & Mike Steen, for always pushing the limits of human flight & creating the highest performing wingsuits ever made #flysquirrel
• Comply & Echobox for seeing my vision for 2016 & enabling me to make it a reality
• The golden boy, Alexey Galda, for being an awesome wingman, friend & training partner
• Douglas Smith, Jason Kane, Orion Remaniak, Manifest & team at CSC who make it the best dz in the us & literally going the extra mile or 3
• Michael Cooper for the unmatched customer support & Flysight technical assistance
• Squirrel, Comply, Echobox Audio, KeySmart, Teem, Ragged Mounts, FlySight and the competitors who made WOWS not only possible, but fun A.F.!
• Garrett at BodyGears Physical Therapy for PT that was custom-tailored to my needs in the sky & on land
• Natalie for putting up with & supporting my crazy sky passion– you’re my fav cheerleader!
A HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO ALL THE FRIENDS I HAD THE PLEASURE OF SHARING THE SKIES OR PLANE WITH THIS SEASON: Russel Grothus, Kyle Lobpries, Travis Mickle, Wes Sandler, all the WOWS pilots, Luke Rogers, Per Bjorn Poulsen, Keith Forsyth, Chris Mort, Todd Davis, Chris Geiler, Matt Gerdes, Mike Steen, Jim Bilodeau, Steven Holden, Sebastian Alvarez, Cam Lopez, Joe Nesbitt, Matt Drewelow, Richard Webb, Lori Butz, Randy Seib, Brendan Weinstein, Nick Sacco, Joel Hindman, Tristan Henle, Triston Buchanan, Marcelo Terra Zoni, Taya Weiss, Justin Duclos, Scott Callantine, Yegor Orlov, Jason Bresson, Andy Bean, Austin Larman, Brent Wood, Jorge Bernal, Anthony Zerbonia, Chase Wheeler, Luke Aikins, Andy Farrington, Team USA, Kristian Szczecpitko, Alix Raymond, Steve Hubbard, the competitors at the USPA National Championships, the competitors at the FAI Wingsuit World Championships, Blair Eagan, Illinois Record Crew: Purple Mike, Jay Geldenhuys, Sylvia Fissure, Mentos Barrientos, Ryan Blunk, Angela, Marty Schriner, Shellie Anderson, Michelle Statdfield, Betty Bennett, Joel Williamson, Martin Camenietzki, Jeremy “Sketch” Dubansky, Jerrid Atwood, Val Sobol, Curt Vogelsang, Michael Tunney, Jamie Leibert, Sean Scheurer, David “Junior” Ludvik, Darren Burke, David Richardson, David Klein, Ben Sheffield, Francisco Caus, Rob Harris, John Kinsella, Jay McMahon, Derek Parks, Rick Winkler, Tony Uragallo, Spike & Jackie Harper, Jeff Donohue, Jake “Feather” Morse, John Schwallow & Pat Schraufnagel (sorry if i missed anyone)

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