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Desafío mundial de maratón - Word Marathon Challenge - 52 corredores corrieron 7 maratones en 7 días y 7 continentes

Desafío de maratón mundial: 52 corredores despiadados corrieron 7 maratones en 7 días y 7 continentes
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Publicado el 12 feb. 2018

Gary Thornton (IRL) and Becca Pizzi (USA) win the men's and women's titles, respectively, at the 2018 World Marathon Challenge.

The 2018 World Marathon Challenge started in Antarctica on January 30th at 10:13 Miami time and the final race finisher in Miami completed the event on February 5th at 21:47 Miami time, or 6 days 11 hours 34 minutes (the final race started at 14:20 Miami time). Becca Pizzi (USA) , who already holds the women's record since 2016 for the best average marathon time (3:55:11 hrs), set a new women's world record of 6 days 8 hours 12 minutes for fastest duration to complete marathons on all 7 continents. Gary Thornton (IRL) won the men's race with an average time of 3:12:19 hrs, and running sub 3 hours in Antarctica and Australia along the way. The effective temperature fluctuation between the first two races was about 70 F, with it dipping to 5F windchill in Antarctica and climbing to 75F in Cape Town, Africa, the following day.

NOTE: Depending on your browser, you may need to select the + sign beside a person's name to see their full list of individual marathon results and average time for the World Marathon Challenge.

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